Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth whitening is a popular dental treatment used to brighten and restore teeth to their natural color. There are many different types of teeth whitening available, ranging from professional treatments performed by a dentist to over-the-counter products. Depending on the level of discoloration and desired results, the right teeth whitening option can be chosen.

Teeth Whitening Option Cost Time Effectiveness
Professional Teeth Whitening Expensive Short Most Effective
At Home Teeth Whitening Moderate Long Moderately Effective
Natural Teeth Whitening Low Long Least Effective

Professional Teeth Whitening

The first type of teeth whitening is professional whitening. Professional whitening is usually done by a dentist in a dental office and can be more expensive than other whitening options. This type of whitening involves the use of strong bleaching agents, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, that are applied directly to the teeth. The dentist may also use a laser to help activate the whitening agents. Professional whitening can produce results in as little as one visit, but may require multiple visits for maximum results.

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At Home Teeth Whitening

The second type of teeth whitening is home whitening. Home whitening kits are available over-the-counter and typically contain a whitening gel, a whitening tray, and instructions on how to use the kit. Home whitening kits typically have a lower concentration of whitening agents than professional whitening treatments, so results may not be as dramatic. However, home whitening kits are usually less expensive than professional whitening and can be used at the convenience of the user.

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Natural Teeth Whitening

Baking Soda with Lemon or StrawberryThe third kind of teeth whitening is natural teeth whitening. Natural teeth whitening is a method of lightening the color of teeth without the use of harsh chemicals or bleaches. It typically involves using natural ingredients such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and activated charcoal to gently remove stains and discoloration from the surface of the teeth. Natural teeth whitening is often preferred to store-bought products due to its cost-effectiveness and lack of harsh chemicals.

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No matter which type of teeth whitening is chosen, it is important to follow the instructions provided. Teeth whitening can be a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of teeth, but it is important to talk to a dentist before beginning any whitening treatment.

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