Natural Teeth Whitening

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on bleaching your teeth, there are quite a few natural ways of whitening your teeth.  You may not get ridiculously white teeth within a blink of an eye, but rather nice naturally looking white teeth, at a fraction of the cost.   Depending on the method you choose, your general oral health may also improve and your lovely smile may be easy to maintain.

I will discuss the following Natural Tooth Whitening Techniques in my next articles:

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

  1. Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening
  2. Baking Soda Teeth Whitening
  3. Coconut Oil

First, a few Very Easy and Healthy Natural options for Whiter Teeth:

  1. Sonicare ToothbrushBrush and floss. I know this doesn’t sound like a whitening technique, but preventing teeth from discoloration is much easier than removing stain!  Failing to keep up with a thorough oral hygiene routine will allow staining, decay and tatar build-up (which also cause discoloration).  If you use a good quality electric, preferable a sonic toothbrush, you may find that a lot of the existing stains disappear leaving your teeth looking whiter.  Do not forget to floss as staining between the teeth are very common. If you need more information regarding toothbrushes or toothpaste, you can find articles under the heading: Teeth Whitening at Home.
  2. Rinse with water after eating or drinking. Things like coffee, tea and coke can stain teeth.  Even tooth colored fillings can discolor.  Removing any leftover residue will certainly help a lot to prevent tooth staining. Regular rinsing will also help to prevent decay.
  3. Gum with Xylitol. Xylitol is a five-carbon sugar alcohol that nearly tastes like table sugar but with amazing dental benefits.  Xylitol is non-fermentable and therefore cannot be converted to acids by oral bacteria (as it would with sugar).  It helps to restore a proper alkaline/acid balance in the mouth and therefore minimizes the damage done to your teeth and help the teeth to remineralize faster.  The alkaline environment is inhospitable to destructive bacteria including the common Streptococcus mutans and inhibits plaque formation.  Chewing of xylitol containing gum has been demonstrated to reduce caries in Finnish teenagers by 30% to 60%.  Chewing also increases saliva production, helping to rinse away food/drink particles (which may cause staining) and increases the buffering capacity and protective factors in saliva.

    Crunchy Vegetables

    Crunchy Vegetables

  4. Eat crunchy fruit and vegetables. They will help to remove many chemicals and sugars that cause staining of your teeth.  Some vegetables like carrots, celery, cucumbers and broccoli are natural tooth whiteners.  Because they’re crunchy, they increase saliva flow and therefore aid in lessening tooth stains.  Apples contain malic acid, which is a chemical that actually dissolve stains.  They even use malic acid in some teeth whitening products!
  5. Eat Cheese. Cheese, milk and yogurt contain calcium and phosphorus which promote remineralization of tooth enamel.  Enamel is the strong outermost layer of your teeth and keeping it strong and healthy could prevent demineralization and staining as well as decay.  As enamel is whiter than the dentin underneath, your teeth will also appear more yellow if there is less enamel.
  6. Fruits with Whitening abilities. Certain fruits have the ability to whiten teeth naturally.  Strawberries contain natural whitening agents and are a very popular home bleaching agent.  Simply rub the strawberry onto your teeth.  Do clean your teeth thoroughly afterwards as they contain acids and sugars that is harmful to your teeth.  Lemons can also be used.  Make a paste by mixing the lemon juice with a bit op salt and brush it onto the teeth.  Personally I would not recommend this method due to the harmful erosive effect of something as acidic as lemons.  If you still want to try it, make sure to clean your teeth properly after using the paste.  Consume raisins.  They induce higher levels of saliva production and help to rinse away staining agents.

    Strawberries and Lemon for Teeth Whitening

    Strawberries and Lemon for Teeth Whitening

It is important to remember that it will not help to try the above mentioned tips once and expect sparkling white teeth.  With the exception of the acidic fruits, I would suggest that you make these recommendations part of a healthy lifestyle and oral hygiene routine in order to reap the benefits you desire.

I know that some of you may want to try something a bit more potent.  You could rinse your mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide, this whitens the teeth through oxidation.  However, I wouldn’t consider it natural and it may be worth while trying one of the methods I will discuss in my next articles namely;  Activated charcoal, Baking soda or Coconut Oil.  If you still require something more effective, look at the articles on:

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  1. Hosting says:

    This works great as a natural teeth whitener. Many people confirm to the fact that it does make their teeth look whiter. Mix a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with a small amount of baking soda to make a paste. Brush your teeth as usual, making sure you brush those back teeth too. Hydrogen peroxide is an anti-bacterial agent and works great as a total mouth and gum cleaner and keeps the mouth free of germs.

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