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After doing a lot of research, I am convinced that Kӧr Whitening Deep Bleaching System is the best tooth whitening system on the market.  It has been developed by internationally renowned cosmetic dentist and bleaching expert Dr Rod Kurthy.

Kӧr Whitening Deep Bleaching System

Kӧr Whitening Deep Bleaching is probably the most effective whitening system in the world today.  It is the only system recognized to significantly whiten even difficult tetracycline stained teeth within a relatively short time.  It is available to use at-home or in combination with in-office whitening to get the best results.

Dr Kurthy has made a study of tooth discoloration, why other bleaching methods don’t always work as well and what the cause of sensitivity is during teeth whitening.  He managed to develop a system which overcomes some of the most common issues with other whitening products.  It is safe for teeth and gums and can be used for ages 14 to 90 leaving permanently beautiful, healthy and natural looking white teeth.

Kӧr Whitening Deep Bleaching System

Kӧr Whitening Deep Bleaching System

What makes Kӧr Whitening Deep Bleaching System the Best Booth Whitening system available?

    • Refrigeration: Evolve Dental Technologies is the first company in the world to refrigerate a full line of bleaching products from the instant of manufacture until received by the dental practice.  This helps to keep the product stable and enables the formulation of gels to be fully aqueous with a neutral ph and very potent.  The gel is very unstable when placed in the warm mouth, resulting in a more thorough breakdown and osmolarity as low as 1/11th that of anhydrous gels and acidifiers. This means lower sensitivity. The thorough degradation and high concentration of radicals (instead of water and oxygen), afforded by refrigeration, ensures a greatly enhanced whitening effectiveness.
    • Uniquely designed at-home Kӧr Deep Bleaching Trays: The bleaching trays have a unique design which effectively creates a seal at the gum margin.  This helps to keep the bleaching gel inside the trays and it also prevent saliva and sulcular fluid (fluid from the gums) to come in contact with the bleaching gel.  The problem is that the bleaching gel breaks down and becomes inactive very quickly when it comes in contact with these oral fluids.  The seal enables the formulation of Kor at-home bleaching gels to have a lower viscosity and higher solubility, resulting in enhanced ability of the bleaching factors to exit the gel and enter the tooth.  The result is active, effective bleaching for 6+ hours!
    • Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide Technology:  Dr Kurthy found that by separating the whitening gel chemistry into three barrels (instead of one or two), allows them to add additional components that are not compatible with storage when mixed with other components. The combination of continuous refrigeration and the advantages of the tri-barral hydremide peroxide system, results in the ability to achieve all the desirable properties and eliminate the negative ones.

Desirable properties achieved

  1. Half the in-office whitening time, also limiting cost.
  2. Extreme effectiveness. The product is 100% aqueous base, has a neutral pH that increases breakdown of peroxide, has two types of acceleration systems and increased permeability of the gel. This  is probably why it is, in my opinion, the best tooth whitening system on the market.
  3. Low Sensitivity. It contains a highly effective desensitizing system, has a neutral pH and is aqueous based with a lower osmolarity, resulting in less force on the dentinal tubular fluid and therefore lower sensitivity.
  4. Longer shelf life. This means that the whitening product will be fresh and effective by the time it reaches the patients.

    Before and After Bleaching

    Before and After Bleaching

Disadvantages of Kӧr Whitening Deep Bleaching System.

Unfortunately this system is not available in all countries yet.
It is a bit expensive and cannot be bought over-the-counter.
Allergy to one of the components or the desensitizer is possible, which is also true for any other whitening system.
Due to unrealistic expectations, some patients were not completely satisfied with the results.
Some sensitivity, although less than experienced with other whitening systems, may occur.

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