Can teeth whitening damage gums?

Tea, coffee, cigarettes, and even some drugs contribute to the inevitable staining of teeth over time, leading people to become self-conscious, smile less, and even appear older. When used improperly, drugstore whitening kits can be ineffective and even damage your gums.

Since this form of whitening isn’t done by a specialist, there’s a chance that whitening agents will come into contact with gums, causing harm or sensitivity.

There is a few risk that since this type of whitening isn’t carried out by a professional, whitening substances may come into contact with gums or cause damage or sensitivity.  Many people buy American whitening strips online, but there are a lot of fakes out there that contain poisonous ingredients that can cause long-term abrasive harm to the teeth and gums, so I would avoid them. If you ever get some gum damage when whitening your teeth after following these instructions, the good news is that in most situations, the gums recover fully within a few days.

They can have a white appearance and be extremely responsive. Make an appointment with your dentist if your gums don’t recover after a few days or start bleeding, to ensure there isn’t a more severe injury or sensitivity.

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