Can yellow teeth be whitened?

Professional dental hygiene can improve the look of your teeth and gums.  With the assistance of your dentist, yellow or discolored teeth can be whitened and brightened.  A youthful, confident smile can be restored through new cutting-edge techniques.  By using these techniques, stained teeth can be whitened in as little as 20 minutes with limited sensitivity in comarison with other whitening systems.  We recommend using the Philips Zoom™ DayWhite and NiteWhite take home tooth whitening kits that are a convenient and safe way to whiten your teeth in 1-2 weeks.  With customized trays that fit perfectly onto your teeth and gum line, so you get safe and effective results with little to no discomfort and sensitivity.

Yellowing of the teeth is generally caused by medication administered during the early years of a child’s life.  When this occurs, there is not a known successful method of whitening the teeth.  Some satisfaction can be gained with the use of a bleaching agent which must be applied in a dental office under carefully controlled conditions.  Superficial stains, such as those caused by tobacco, are more easily removed by cleaning.  The price, according to the Southeastern Dental Society, is dependent on the condition of the teeth at the time the dentist sees them and, therefore, can vary.

In most cases, yellow teeth can be whitened with either in-office or at-home bleaching.  There are some circumstances in which your tooth discoloration is inside the tooth (intrinsic) or caused by enamel erosion—in these cases, we will have to use a different option for brightening your smile.

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